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Here are several Random Acts of Kindness ideas for kids to get your creative juices flowing.

Now that you and your loved ones are inspired, here are some ways you can spread random acts of kindness (RAK) in your community. Participating as a family is a great way to bond together during the Easter season and beyond. Plus, you may just recieve an egg from Grandfather RAK! Remember, random acts of kindness are never wasted.


Bring cookies to a neighbor.


Make Easter cards and deliver them to residents at a local nursing home.


Send homemade greeting cards to soldiers.


Hold doors open for anyone who is unable.


Visit a local animal shelter and donate some old blankets or towels.


Make your brother’s or sister’s bed for them in the morning.


Help Mom clear the table after dinner.

What ways have you spread random acts kindness? Use #RAKrabbit on social.

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