Rak Rabbit


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RAK Rabbit is a fun filled Easter tradition that will inspire and empower your children to create a kinder and more caring world, one Random Act of Kindness at a time. Once your family welcomes one of Grandfather RAK’s bunny helpers into your home the magic begins. Through this compelling story, children will learn a variety of lessons including compassion, empathy and sharing. These qualities of character will long be valued by your child, family and the community.

Through guidance and modeling, RAKRabbit and his bunny helper will take your child on a kindness mission. During this journey your child will learn to be thoughtful, caring and responsible.

Together, we can help our children develop strong, positive life lasting character traits.

RAK Rabbit is here to inspire your children today. Follow RAK Rabbit on his journey to spread Random Acts of Kindness through his community. This fun Easter tradition boxed set includes a storybook eggs, and plush rabbit.

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Written by Terry Ratzell
Illustrated by Jennifer Santa

Plush rabbit
Illustrated storybook
Random Acts of Kindness coupons
12 eggs

Additional information:
Ages 5 and up
Published 2016